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    Nine obstacles to effective teaching

    4. May 2023

    The goal of university teaching is achieve optimum learning for “all” students. At the same time, this poses the greatest challenge. Optimum learning is not necessarily reflected by good grades but by the integration of new knowledge in the students’ own understanding. Students who learn optimally also concern themselves with the course topics taught when they are outside the course as well, and they connect them up with the knowledge they already have and with their daily lives.

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  • Teaching Concepts

    Beginners are not little experts

    It’s not always easy for students to follow what their professors are saying, because experts not only speak their own language but think differently too. A look at expertise research reveals why that is…

    9. February 2023
  • Portrait of a Teacher

    Retrieval Practice

    In the fourth series of our podcast, Birgit Hawelka is talking to Magdalena Abel about the topic of retrieval practice. To summarise briefly, this is a teaching strategy where you use the process of…

    13. October 2022
  • Teaching Concepts

    Lecture Time!

    Opinions differ as to whether lectures are sensible or nonsense. In the discussion, it is often ignored that it is not so much the format of the class that supports or hinders students’ learning…

    5. May 2022