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Teaching portrait: Prof. Dr. Christoph Brochhausen-Delius

10. March 2022
Lehrportrait: Prof. Dr. Christoph Brochhausen-Delius
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Teaching portrait: Prof. Dr. Christoph Brochhausen-Delius

In the third episode of our podcast, Dr Birgit Hawelka talks to Prof. Dr Christoph Brochhausen-Delius, Professor of the Year 2021 (Category Natural Science/Medicine) about, among other things, how he manages to maintain his very personal support for his students, what characterises a successful lecture and what motivates him again and again to stay engaged in teaching.

Prof. Dr. Christoph Brochhausen-Delius

Prof. Dr Christoph Brochhausen-Delius comes from Mainz. He completed his doctorate and habilitation at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. Since 2018, he has been the Professor for Pathology at the University of Regensburg, and since the winter semester of 2021/22, also the Academic Dean of the Faculty of Medicine. In December 2021, he was awarded 1st prize in the competition “Professor of the Year” in the category of Natural Science/Medicine.

“Professor of the Year” | UNICUM-Stiftung

The prize, awarded annually by the UNICUM Foundation under the patronage of the Federal Ministries for Education and Research and Economics and Energy, is given to professors who support their students in a special way in their vocational preparations. Primarily students, doctoral candidates and cooperation partners can nominate professors.

In the second round, an independent jury selects candidates. The award is not merely a prize for teaching, but recognises instructors who maintain contact with the professional world, mediate internships and practice-oriented bachelors’/masters’ theses, invite employers or have a sustainable connection to the private sector through their research.


01:33How have you been able to communicate foundational knowledge for your students to build on, practical competencies and desirable key competencies to your students? What issues are especially important for you in supporting your students?
03:15Which new ways have you found, includingdigital communication options, to continue to maintain collaboration?
04:18 Can you give us some insight into what a typical lecture with you is like? What are the framework conditions, what is the structure and what exactly makes your presentation comprehensible, in your opinion?
06:03And if we think of the opposite: What cannot, under any circumstances happen at all in a lecture – in your opinion?
07:04Recently, it has been discussed that lectures should simply be recorded and played back for listeners. What are your thoughts on this?
09:14What motivates you as a teacher to continue teaching, despite your many obligations?
11:09Since last semester, you have been the Academic Dean. What special challenges do you anticipate now that we are returning from a pandemic emergency or back-up situation to future-oriented instruction?
13:11In your opinion, what creative ideas should be carried forward after the pandemic? What do you see as worth continuing?

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Suggestion for citation of this blog post: Hawelka, B. (2022, March 10). Teaching portrait: Prof. Dr. Christoph Brochhausen-Delius. Lehrblick – ZHW Uni Regensburg. https://doi.org/10.5283/ZHW.20220310.EN

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